Use focalx every time you manage your fleet

focalx’ insights allows you to make smart decisions for your fleet

Vehicle check-in/out

Inspect your vehicles everytime they are checked in or out. This transparency will enable a quick and positive user experience for your customers.

Vehicle washing control

Make decisions about when to wash your fleets vehicles based on data. Inspect them regularly and you will control the level of cleanliness.

Reporting accidents

Make it easier for drivers by having them run an inspection of the vehicle every time they get into an accident. This will give you a transparent overview of the situation in realtime.

Vehicle branding control

By doing routine inspections you can make sure the branding on your fleet is visible, clean, and positioned according to the guidelines. Avoid any unpleasentries by having a proactive monitoring of your brands visibility in your vehicles.

Fleet driver handovers

Inspect the vehicle every time it changes driver. It will allow you to have a more transparent overview of the conditions of your fleet in relation to your drivers.