Easy to use. Developed with our customers.

focalx accelerates and simplifies car handover processes
through AI and user friendly software - ensuring trust & transparency.

Leveraging touchless vechicle inspection to remove friction in the car handling process.

focalx automates and optimizes the car handling process for fleet owners, car dealers, insurers and inspection companies.

Using intelligent technologies to detect damages and ensure objectivity and transparency.

Introducing objective and accurate damage detection for everyone.

We apply AI to solve industry challenges

by integrating our modular technology into existing workflows.

Helle Söderhamn, Commercial Director
Applus Bilsyn

“focalx significantly stands out from other startup companies that we have been in contact with - mostly because they have an ability to translate their visionary strategies into concrete actions and bring them to life.

At focalx, the distance from dream to reality is short. Complicated solutions are made simple and by a team that is good at listening to the market. Input is received with curiosity and they always try to find the best way for their customers.

If there is no way, they will make one. This makes it both easy and inspiring to collaborate with focalx.”


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AUG 1, 2022

FocalX vil sikre objektive bilinspektioner med kunstig intelligens

SaaS-virksomheden FocalX vil gøre op med manuelle inspektioner, når biler skal gennemgås for skader i forbindelse med eksempelvis leasing eller leje. I stedet skal en AI gennemgå bilen for fejl, og til det formål har startuppet fået mere end 500.000 kroner i soft funding i løbet af 1,5 måneder.


JUL 1, 2022

Sådan skaber du succesfulde corporate-startup partnerskaber

Et godt partnerskab er et, der skaber værdi for begge parter. Det er fokus, når iværksætteren Isabella Agdestein identificerer og opstarter partnerskaber med sin virksomhed FocalX, der leverer softwareinfrastruktur til inspektion af biler. Her deler hun sine bedste råd og erfaringer om at indgå corporate-startup partnerskaber.


April 1, 2022

FocalX Secures Million Investment For Car Inspection Revolution

Danish company FocalX has developed an artificial intelligence to make car inspections easier and faster. Now the company has secured an investment that will help FocalX go beyond the ramp.


MAY 1, 2022

FocalX sikrer millioninvestering til revolution af bilinspektioner

Danske FocalX har udviklet en kunstig intelligens, der skal gøre inspektioner af biler nemmere og hurtigere. Nu har virksomheden sikret en investering, som skal hjælpe FocalX ud over rampen.