Use focalx every time you offboard vehicles

The more insights you have when you offboard a vehicle, the better for you and your customers.

Offleasing vehicles

By inspecting your vehicles every time you offlease them you will have a first-hand knowledge of the conditions of the vehicle, its residual value and all the information you need to provide to your insurance company, leasing company and internal team.

Defleeting vehicles

Every time you need offboard a vehicle from your fleet make sure you run an inspection. It will give you all the information you need to sell or communicate to your partners and customers.

Selling vehicles

Inspect every vehicle before selling them. It will provide your team and your customer all the information necessary to make a quick and informed transaction.

Auctioning vehicles

Add confidence in your customers by providing them with all the information the inspection can give them. This quick and easy process will enable a transparent customer journey.