Used Cars Dealership

In the used car industry, a normal practice is for dealers to purchase their vehicles outside their local area, without seeing the car first. FocalX’ AI image inspection tool enables dealers to know the car’s exact condition, before acquiring and receiving the car, assuring them that they made the right purchasing decisions and gave the right price.

For peer to peer used car platforms, an accurate assessment and report is essential. FocalX’ solution delivers these reports in order to align expectations of buyer and seller, assuring a high confidence in the platform.

Easy documentation for online sale

With FocalX’ solution, dealers don’t need to use third party inspectors or buy expensive equipment to make a complete report of the car. We help you document the car after the best market standards to make sure you have everything needed for posting a car for sale online.

Transparency of vehicle damages

With the vehicle imperfection report automatically generated, all damages on the will be stated, making the condition assessment transparent, objective and safe for the buyer.

360 degree view & beauty shots

Want to present the car in 360 view on a white or blurred professional looking background? We got you covered. FocalX’ software shows the car in the best way for enhancing the level of trust and enabling purchases “sight unseen”.

New revenue streams

Car dealers can generate new revenue from selling the 360 photos and damage report to the new car owner. In some cases, buyers will sell the car on, making a comprehensive overview of the car’s condition valuable.