Car Sharing

A major challenge for car sharing services is the handover process, raising issues like: What is the condition of the car right now, which user inflicted which damage and, if the car is a part of a fleet, does it need to be taken out of rotation to be serviced?

For peers renting out their cars through car sharing platforms, the car handover process is intransparent both for the owner and the renter - for what if a damage was not detected before the ride?

A complete AI damage report generated from the users local device solves these issues, letting the car sharing service or the car sharer know the condition of the car at all times, gives transparency around who inflicted damage and whether insights into whether the car needs to be serviced.

Standardized documentation

The users of sharing cars gets help and guidance for making the correct documentation. This correct and standardized documentation of the car’s condition, gives the possibility of holding users damaging the cars responsible.

Complete overview

With FocalX, people sharing their cars through peer-to-peer car sharing services will have a comprehensive overview of their car’s condition at any point in time. This creates transparency and enhances trust in the car handover process.

Improved insurance policy terms

With FocalX, car sharing companies get can seamlessly collect data on the amount, types and severity of damages on their cars, resulting in better insurance policy terms and the possibility for optimizing repair deals.

Enhancing trust

The completely transparent car hand-over process powered by FocalX’ AI solution will allow peer-to-peer car sharing companies to obtain even higher levels of trust for and with their clients, enabling them to grow their user base further.