Car Rental

If you have ever rented a car, then you know how stressful and time consuming it can be to document damages at pickup and comparing before and after reports and images at handoff. And it’s not only an issue for the users - the car rentals use large amounts of time on manual inspections and customer complaints. This all changes with AI damage detection.

FocalX delivers a complete damage report in less than two minutes, comparing old and new damages to the car bringing transparency and trust into the process. This eliminates the need for tedious walkthroughs and lengthy discussions with the rental company.

Improved customer experience

FocalX’ solution is easy to use and ensures the correct documentation, so instead of leaving your customers to wait for an available inspector, you can even let them do the scan. This way an even more transparent car return process is ensured, leading to an increased level of trust and fewer customer complaints.

Removing friction in the car return process

Use the app solution or SDK integration to assess each car in a standardized, objective seamless way, in only 2 minutes. Increase transparency and ensure quality by using AI to inspect the car before and after rental.

Comprehensive overview

With FocalX, fleet owners will get a comprehensive overview of the condition of the separate car or the entire fleet over time. This way, you can track the maintenance cycles and residual value, collect stats on repair quotes and much more. This means that you get a tool to predict which and how many car parts they need to order to repair cars in the fleet.

Compare new damages to existing ones

The two scans allows you to see exactly which damages were on the car before it was rented, and which new damages has occurred. The system highlights the new damages, leaving no doubt of who holds the responsibility for which damages.