Car Leasing

If you are in the leasing business, you know the concern for the condition when a car is returned. With FocalX’ AI image inspection, you no longer have to wait for the car to be back on the premises, to figure out what repairs are needed (if any).

By knowing if the car has none or only minimal damages ahead of time, you are enabled to get it back in rotation ASAP. Should the AI detect damages that need attention - you will know what the repair costs to charge the customer or the total loss, so that you may plan quickly to take the car off rotation.

Automated process of car return

Scan the car 360 degrees using FocalX before and after the car has been leased. The process is quick taking only 2 minutes, objective as the damage detection builds on AI technology, and completely standardized.

Seamless lease extension

Frequently leasers want to extend their lease, but this often requires a full inspection as a year has passed since the leasing period started. With our solution, the leaser can do the inspection herself, saving transportation and the time and cost of on-site inspection.

Car stays on premise

Inspect the car where you are instead of transporting it to inspection sites. This reduces the CO2 outlet associated with the car hand-off process after leasing and makes the entire process less time consuming for the leaser and the leasing company.

Comprehensive overview

With FocalX, fleet owners will get a comprehensive overview of the condition of the separate car or the entire fleet over time. This way, you can track the maintenance cycles and residual value, collect stats on repair quotes and much more. This means that you get a tool to predict which and how many car parts they need to order to repair cars in the fleet.