Car Insurance

The car insurance industry relies solely on traditional manual and in-person assessment, which means that the auto claims process takes up enormous amounts of resources and time. It can both be subject to substandard documentation and thus a poor basis for decisions, making the time before a claim is settled longer than necessary. At the same time, images can be tampered with before they are sent to insurers.

With AI damage inspection, this process can be made faster, more standardized, and the solution will ensure that images are sent directly for inspection, helping insurance companies avoid fraud and gain the correct documentation.

Enhanced basis for decision

With the proper documentation made by FocalX’ software, it becomes easier for insurance companies to make the right decisions in terms of fair insurance coverage, etc.

Shortening claim cycles

With the documentation generated from the guiding system and damage report in place, insurers will be able to not only make better, but also quicker decisions, to the benefit of the individual or the company reporting the damage.

Limiting fraud

When insurers receives images taken with the FocalX guiding system, they will be confident that the images has not been altered or tampered with before they were sent to the insurance company.

Creating transparency

FocalX creates the opportunity to streamline the entire process between the insurance company, the individual or company filing the complaint and auto mechanic and create transparency between all three parties.